Fr Junjun’s Corner The Most Holy Trinity, 2016

There are three monotheistic religions in the world: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Monotheism means worship in one God only.


Mainstream Christianity however, professed our belief in one God revealing himself to us in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I say mainstream to stress the fact that there are some denominations who would call themselves Christians or Church of Christ, but don’t profess Jesus Christ as God. For these denominations or sect, Jesus is only a Prophet or someone lesser than God.


The doctrine of the Holy Trinity is always the core of our Christian faith from the beginning. But it wasn’t always taken simply as such. There had been times in the history of the Church that the idea of One-God- in-three persons caused confusions and misunderstanding. Questions like: ‘How could 1+1+1= 1?’ is just one example. But one answer would be, again in mathematical thinking, we don’t add up, we multiply: 1x1x1=1 (God multiplied himself 3-fold). But this is a very simplistic explanation.


To help us understand a bit of this doctrine is by analogy. For nature-lovers, God the Father is the Sun, the rays emanating the earth is the Son, and the warmth, the energy we feel and benefit from it is the Holy Spirit- 3 experiences from one reality. There is also an analogy of God as a perfect triangle- 3 perfect angles in one triangle. There is also an analogy of God as the burning candle: the candle, the light it produced and the heat it gives-3 experiences in one reality.


The doctrine of the Trinity is not an invention of the Catholic Church as some people may suggest. Fr Frank Moloney, SDB, affirms. He said: ‘As early Christians thought more deeply about the mystery of Jesus, they began to realize that he belonged with the Father, and the Spirit, as the Son. He spoke of God as ‘Abba’, his Father, and he spoke of the gift of the Holy Spirit.’


The doctrine of the Holy Trinity therefore is a glimpse for us of the interior life of God as a perfect communion in love and as an assurance for us of God’s willingness to share his unconditional love with us his creatures.


The Father’s love is so great that he shared it with us by not only creating us but by making as a good and beautiful creatures. The love of God for us is so great that when we messed up our being a creature of God, he sent his only Son to be God-with-us, to lay down his life for us and to restore our inherent goodness. The love of the Son for us is so great that He can’t leave us orphans. He left us with the gift of the Holy Spirit, which is the presence of God-within-us.


Let us praise and worship the Holy Trinity by sharing the love to all people. Amen.

I pray you all have a blessed week.


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