Fr Junjun Corner The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Corpus Christi Sunday 2016 A.D.

I was skimming through few books- (i.e. commentaries on the feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood) and struggling, to say the least, on what should I put in my little corner in today’s bulletin, when I got a call to see someone who might need anointing. I assured the caller I would tend to it sometimes today (Friday).

But reflecting on the gospel today, I was moved to do something about the need right away. In the gospel, Jesus was presented with a need of food for the people. He didn’t postpone his help or attendance for another time or another day. He did something about it right away, by telling his disciples to give them something to eat. They listened to him and did what he told them to do, and something wonderful happened right before their very eyes.

The voice of Jesus ‘to give them something to eat’ reverberated in my hearing, so I have decided to leave everything at once and attend to the person. When I got to the place, a couple of blokes were mowing the lawn of the residents’ units. The noise was so loud that at first I thought I should come back later when it’s quieter. But then, the voice of Jesus saying: ‘Give the person something you can give’ reverberates in me again. So I knocked few times and called on the person’s name. She heard me and let me in. Once in, I tried to start a conversation but the noise outside made it almost impossible to converse. So I just offered the prayer to celebrate the sacrament of holy anointing. I didn’t see something wonderful before my eyes, but my faith tells me that something wonderful happened to her. She obtains healing and reconciliation with God through the sacrament of anointing.

The feast of the Body and Blood of Christ which we celebrate today calls us for mission: to know that there is God who loves us unconditionally and to share this love to others. We can do this by listening to and doing what Jesus tells us to do, by being sensitive to the needs of others and caring for them, by sharing what we have and what we can to others in need. In short let us be Eucharistic people: ‘blessed, broken and shared’. In so doing, we can see wonderful things happening in our lives and around us. I pray you have a grace-filled week.


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