Easter Message

With the joy of the resurrection, I greet you a happy Easter!

Easter is a time of joy, a time to praise the Lord, because it is a time when we experience in a more real, personal, spiritual and concrete way the great love of God for us- such love that would take all the risks, even death, just to assure us how much he loved us.

We may at times question this love of God for us when we see the acts of terror happening in many parts of the world; the abuses, lies, deception, corruption by some people in authority and power; the crime against humanity committed in some places for refugees; the loss of many innocent lives due to extreme weather conditions and natural phenomena or man-made catastrophes; and in many other situations wherein God’s love, care and concern seem to be absent or not felt.

Like Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, we might also express our utter sense of being neglected: ‘My God my God why have you abandoned me?’

The truth is, God couldn’t abandon us. His love for us is so great that when we feel he is not there for us when we suffer, He is in fact completely identifying with our own sufferings. He suffers not only for us, but with us.

The consolation for us is that God couldn’t remain suffering with us. He would give meaning to our sufferings by assuring us of his glory just as he glorified Jesus Christ three days after he suffered and died on the cross.

This is why Easter is a joyous time. It is a time of great rejoicing because we have seen that ‘the Friday’ of sufferings, mockery, humiliations, betrayal, don’t have the final say of things. Easter Sunday does. We have seen too, as Christian faith assures us, that death is not the end of all our endeavours and plans, rather it opens for us the way to the fulfilment of our works and plans- ie. life and happiness forever. Easter too is a happy moment because of the new life it brings for us and assures us, the life renewed, rejuvenated and celebrated as shown by the life of our Risen Lord.

May we observe these holy days of Easter not just days to unwind, to have a rest, or to break from school, but more so as a time for energising our spiritual life, through prayers, by renewing our belonging to the Church and parish, by actively involving in the Church’s life and mission, and by renewing our commitment to be in close company with the Risen Lord as we journey towards our eternal homeland in heaven.

With the joy of Easter, God bless you all!

Fr Junjun


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